SELF-EMPLOYED ‘autónomo’ workers whose income has been affected by the coronavirus lockdown will have access to benefits ‘up to €1,500’ in the Comunitat Valenciana. According to the Decreto Ley de Medidas Urgentes de Apoyo Económico y Financiero – approved today – will earmark €57.5 million for the grants. It comes asContinue Reading

PETROL stations in Spain have asked the Government whether they can close down due to a drop in demand. Banks throughout the country have been allowed to close 4,500 branches and merge some together, due to less people needing them. Petrol stations want to do the same as they wereContinue Reading

AT a time of uncertainty for all, and with drastic measures in place to fight coronavirus, Spain’s economy has understandably been hit hard. The loss of Semana Santa, Sevilla’s Feria de Abril, the Jerez moto GP and many more key Andalucia events has sent seismic shock waves through the regionContinue Reading

THE Economic and Social Council (CES) has predicated that the Balearic Islands will suffer the biggest recession in its history due to the coronavirus crisis. Economists at the CES have forecasted the impact of the pandemic on the economy in response to demands made from employers and unions. Through undertaking aContinue Reading

The worldwide public health emergency created by the coronavirus pandemic is, according to most experts, going to create a global recession. All major economic downturns produce a new world – this one will too in a variety of key ways – and we must all adapt in order to successfullyContinue Reading

CHINA has prohibited companies from exporting Covid-19 supplies without a quality certificate. According to El Mundo sources, this was done as a result of the faulty tests sent to Spain last week. The Chinese Government emphasises that ‘the global pandemic is accelerating fast’. “Therefore on the basis of doing aContinue Reading