2,000 children at risk of exclusion in Andalucia to receive meals from the government

THE Junta de Andalucia will distribute meals to kids at risk of social exclusion now that schools are closed.

The distribution of three meals a day to 2,000 students across Cordoba will begin today coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

The students to receive the meals are those at risk of social exclusion and are supported by the Children’s Food Reinforcement Programme which usually provides school meals.

However, following the temporary closure of educational centres, these meals, breakfast, lunch and snacks will now be distributed twice a week to the student’s homes.

This scheme should soon benefit 18,000 students across Andalucia also supported by the programme but will begin in Cordoba.

The Ministry have reportedly been working rapidly to ensure this service was reinstalled as soon as possible since school closures.

The Children’s Food Reinforcement Programme aims to guarantee the three daily meals to students at risk of social exclusion and is coordinated by the Ministry of education and Sport.

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